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Version 2.06 Released

After 2 months of development we are proud to present to you the new GsmHub v2.06. The new version contains the following new features.

Zopim Chat Integration:
Zopim lets you monitor and chat with visitors surfing your store in real-time. Impress them personally and ease them into their purchase. With Zopim Live Chat, visitors to your website will be able to chat directly with you through the widget and you can manage multiple conversations through the online Dashboard.

Fetch website Prices (Beta):
Some APIs when synchronising provide the common price for the services and not the discounted price for that particular user connecting through API. Provide the user name and password to fetch the exact purchase cost of that service in that site. This is in Beta stage .

Profit Calculation:
With this version, you can get the report of daily profit, monthly profit and annual profit. Set for the services whether to use the purchase cost from the API or manually set cost for profit calculation. Profit is daily calculated after midnight for the previous day through a cron job. A new group of users called super admin is introduced and those with super admin access , can alone view the profit details.

Note: Make sure to set the cron job as given in the profit summary page.

Quick Connect orders to API:
Have wanted to connect the orders on the fly to APIs after checking with the prices and availability, now this can be done. Instead of connecting the services to API, connect the orders directly to API. Provide access for the suppliers too to connect to particular APIs.