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Version 2.22 released

Major feature of adding offline payment gateways and handling service types and issue fixes.

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Version 2.21 released

Change Log: When an invoice is marked as "partially paid" manually from admin and the invoice is paid in PayPal , the amount is credited to the user twice - fixed. Other Fixes: -- ask extension for file service fixed -- Formatting applied for unlock code in view order -- validation error when Allow alphabets checked for imei services - fixed

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Version 2.20 released

Minor issues fixed. New features like accept rules before placing order. Additional features added in managing members from admin side.

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Version 2.191 released

Minor release with bug fixes.

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Version 2.19 released

Feature added to send Daily summary of user account balance in mail to admin and other bug fixes.

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Version 2.18 released

Bug Fixes and minor features are added.

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Version 2.17 Released

Bug fixes and new features added.

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Version 2.16 released

Option added to allow to set the invoices as partially paid from Admin and bug fixes

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Version 2.15 released

Option to delete User account from admin . Show the link to reply the accepted orders after accepting and other new features and bug fixes

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Version 2.14 released

Auto update the prices, fields and services from ImeiUs Server Service APIs .

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Version 2.13 released

Option in admin panel to allow only admin to activate new users. Memcache setting changes from admin. Show notification to users when new service added or closed. Option to set auto update price for server services . DCUnlocker New API Update and other bug fixes.

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Version 2.12 Released

Maintenance mode for site with admin panel working. Notification between users and admin. Place order template change. Custom content from admin for the footer.

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Version 2.11 Released

A lot of new features and bug fixes are done with this release. Paypal Express Checkout, 2 step verification with google authenticator, add selected services from api directly with ease and many others.

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Version 2.10 Released

Most wanted feature by the admins, "auto update of the service prices on change in price in the api" is implemented in version 2.10. Check the change log to get more details on the update

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Version 2.09 Released

One more most wanted feature by the users, overdraft is now available with the latest release of gsmhub version 2.09.

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Version 2.08 Released

Multiple API Connection for single service, Auto complete for service names with ID for search in service listing pages in admin and others

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Version 2.07 Release

show order rejected time, sorting services within group for display, fetch the price for ranges too when synchronising.

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Version 2.06 Released

Zopim chat integration , Profit calculation on daily basis and service basis, Quick connect the orders directly to API, Allow supplier to connect to API and many others

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Version 2.05 Release

Meta details for services and bug fixes

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Version 2.04 Release

Fetch api price and compare with the local price. Issue with duplicate imeis fixed

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Chimera Tool Api Added

Chimera Tool Api Added for All GsmHub Customers

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Furious Gold Api Added

FuriousGold is a professional mobile phone sim network unlocking device to unlock and repair mobile phones

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Auto update of cron jobs

Description of using the new feature of auto updating the cron jobs released in version 2.03

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Version 2.03 Release

Add fund with Paypal transaction id, Auto update of cron jobs, Mail settings test page

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Version 2.02 Release

Minor features and bug fixing

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Version 2.01 Release

Default Support for UDID and Serial for imei services - Added

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Configuring CDR details for admin

How to configure the CDR details from the admin panel is explained with screenshots

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Version 2.0 Release

Major version release of 2.0. Main features are Multicurrency support and CDR - Instant API notification on order completion or rejection

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