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Version 2.08 Released


Need for this feature


Why is this feature needed? When different suppliers are offering the same service at different costs. First we would like to connect to the supplier offering at a cheaper price. If it is rejected from the supplier, currently the order is rejected in our site also, leading to a loss of a potential order. We need a feature, wherein we can try out the other alternate supplier services too, before losing the order. This has to be done automatically.

How it works


When connecting the imei service to the API, choose the api and api service to be connected to as usual. In addition, can set the alternate apis and services, to be connected. When order is rejected from an API, automatically, the order will be posted to the next api according to the priority set. This will continue auto, until no more apis to be connected to or the order gets completed. When the apis are switched for the order, log is maintained and shown in the order listing page.



We don't lose a potential order.
First try with the supplier API offering at lower prices, and if it is completed, there is a monetary profit.
All these happens auto.


Change Log for this release

Multiple API Connection for single service
Auto complete for service names with ID for search in service listing pages in admin
If purchase cost is set as local, highlighted it in the service listing page connected to API
Issue in updating the allowed IPS for API calls Fixed
Provide option to sort the accepted orders list in the admin.


Test Version 2.08 in our online demo.