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Version 2.10 Released

Most wanted feature by the admins, "auto update of the service prices on change in price in the api" is implemented in version 2.10.

With this release, admin can set the rules for the change in price connected to the api for the service.
On synchronising, if the price changes, the service price will also be automatically updated.

Between Gsmhub enabled sites, when there is a change in the api price,
it will be automatically fetched and service prices will be updated.

Change log:

Set the rules for the change in price for default and groups when api price changes.
When the api price changes, prices are changed automatically as set.
Notification about price change is shown to users on login
Before connecting the order to the api, option added to quick fetch the price.
Profit from linked order is fixed and shown in report.
Show who updated the results of the orders in admin for server and file service orders.
and other minor issues.
Note: **The price changes are applicable for the gsmhub api sites