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Version 2.11 Released


-- Add selected services from API server settings page easily without manually adding each one.
-- Auto update price for file services added
-- Notification shown for file service price change
-- In signup page, when country is selected, the isd code is prepopulated in contact no field
-- Shown notification and mail sent to user when the order status is changed from completed to rejected or vice versa
-- Paypal express checkout payment gateway has been added
-- 2 step verification using google authenticate for added security during login

Fixed issues:
-- Reset API IP from user side not working - fixed
-- Profit shown in view order details is incorrect when the order currency is not the same as site currency
-- Issue in notification for user with currency different from the site currency
-- Server price count issue fixed
-- Forgot password link sent in mail not clickable - Fixed
-- When currency is changed for user, changes are not done to the OD Currency - Fixed
-- Default gateway for invoice is set as by cash instead of paypal
-- Dashboard page fixed to show the site currency instead of USD
-- Not able to remove the payment receiver details - fixed
-- Serial no not accepted for custom field by api - Fixed
-- Orders from other services are not processed when bulk orders for any service - fixed
-- Handled the conversion of Api currency to site currency when calculating the profit
-- When the user logins from a country other than the one provided in thesignup address, now not allowed to login
-- Provided sorting options for the payment gateways