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Webshop Version 1.5 released

Change Log:

-- Changed maximum files to upload as 7 for preview images in Admin

-- Added font color, font stye, size, forecolor, back color to tiny mce

-- Fixed currency conversion fee issue

-- Fixed currency exchange rate not updating issue

-- Fixed Paypal express checkout payment processed for pending

-- Fixed wishlist pagination issue

-- Amount added to user account balance only when full amount is paid excluding gateway fee

-- Displayed Pending order count in admin header

-- Fixed serial number space issue in Manage Stock.

-- Fixed showing no image when there is image not assigned for variation

-- Fixed placing order for draft products

-- Changed Featured and Latest products to display 12 products

-- Changed 561 * 561 width and height changed to 800 * 800 for preview images

-- Added dynamic meta title, keyword, description in Admin.

-- Mass mail layout change of large image issue fixed.

-- Added delete option in Index banner image

Added dynamic app_id to fetch exchange rates in cron

-- To fetch exchange rates from open exchange rate site, need to create App Id and configure in Admin

Schedule cron for every 12 hours in cron tab



* In the admin/config-manage (Site Settings) page of your site (, Need to configure .

* Need to create account in to generate App ID to configure in your site. 

* After creating account in open exchange rate, Go to to get App Id